family running at the park

50 Productive Things to Do on a Long Weekend

family running at the park

It's not very common to have a long weekend. From work holidays to Monday Mental Health days, taking a long weekend can be a great opportunity to get stuff done. So, you want to make sure that you make the most out it, Diva.


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It’s not very common to have a long weekend. From work holidays to Monday Mental Health days, taking a long weekend can be a great opportunity to get stuff done. So, you want to make sure that you make the most out it, Diva.


Productive Things To Do 

As you can imagine, both indoors and outdoors, there are always things to do. Nevertheless, you also want to ensure that you should some activities that you can do with your kids as well.

50 Ways To Increase Productivity On A Three Day Weekend


#1: Visit The Family:

In case your family lives a bit far away and you don’t have a chance to see them often, a three day weekend is perfect.


#2: Go Shopping:

There are always things that you need to buy for your home and for your kids. So, you can take some time to go to the shopping mall.


#3: Read A Book:

One of the best pleasures in life is enjoying a good book. So, why not take the afternoon off and read a book for your kids? You can even leave the end of the story out and make them imagine it.


#4: Visit A Museum:

There are always museums that don’t charge an entry fee, especially if you’re taking kids. And even if they do, this is a great option when the weather is bad. Besides, learning new things is always interesting.


#5: Watch A Movie At Home:

If you’re feeling a bit lazy and you don’t feel like getting out of the house, you can rent a movie to watch with your kids. It can be an animation movie or an old one.


#6: Do Some Gardening:

Gardening is a great hobby and you have so much space in your backyard that you aren’t really using. So, why not grow some vegetables or fruits? In case you live in an apartment, you can also do it. Just get some vases and plant some herbs.


#7: Day Trip To State And National Parks:

If you want to spend the day out with your family, you have the option to do a day trip to state and national parks. You will all be able to enjoy the fresh air and be in contact with nature. It can be pretty refreshing and stress relieving.


#8: The Zoo:

Kids love going to the zoo and most adults love it as well. So, you can definitely use a day (or an afternoon) and check the new animals at the zoo.


#9: Take On A Project At Home:

Remember that project that you keep postponing because you don’t have the time to do it? Well, just take this long weekend to take care of it. You can get your kids involved as well. While you may not be able to complete it as fast, it’s a great opportunity for kids to see how you use tools and try them out for themselves as well.


#10: Have a Board Game Day:

In case your kids are always spending their long weekends glued to their computer playing games, why can’t you host the board game day? Most young kids have never even tried board games and they can be quite fun. Just choose one of the classics (depending on your kid’s age) such as Battleship, Cluedo, Scrabble, Risk, Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, checkers or Chess.


#11: Head To The Playground:

Do you remember the last time you took your child to the playground? Well, he pretty sure misses it. So, just make him a surprise.


#12: Host A Dinner Party:

Most people believe that spending a good day with the family deserves a celebration. So, instead of going out to dinner or ordering food, you can host a special dinner party just for the family. Just think about something that each one of the family members loves and ask kids to help you out.


#13: Make A Paper Fortune Teller:

Besides spending quality time with your kids, you will be also developing their skills. Besides, you will find it incredibly funny.


#14: The Movies

In case your kids mentioned a movie they would like to see, just make them a surprise. Don’t forget about the popcorn.


#15: Visit A Local Farm:

When the weather is good, you should consider taking your kids to a local farm. Besides the contact with nature, they will be able to learn a lot about animals and plants.


#16: Watch Wildlife:

If you like to be in contact with nature and you usually don’t have the time to do it, just grab your kids and head onto the countryside or to a local park.


#17: Play Pen And Pencil Games:

There are many classic games that can be played with a simple pen and a piece of paper. Besides, they can be a lot of fun. Some ideas include Battle Ships, Hang Man, and even Noughts and Crosses.


#18: The Arcade:

If you decided to take a walk with your family but it’s too much hot, why not visit the arcade? Your kids are going to love it and so will you.


#19: Bake A New Cookie Recipe:

Anxious to try out that new cookie recipe your friend gave you? Take the three long weekend and the help of your kids and head to the kitchen.


#20: Play the Sentence Game:

This is a great game to be played by the entire family. You just need to write a sentence in a piece of paper and fold it. Then, supply one word of the next line for the following person. You won’t believe the stories that will come up.


#21: Make Finger Puppets:

If you have young kids, making finger puppets is a great idea. In the end, you can even write down a story or two.


#22: Ten-Pin Bowling:

In case the three day weekend is in winter or it is raining outside, you need to think about something you can do indoors. So, why not take the family for a ten-pin bowling?


#23: Origami:

Origami is a perfect activity to do with kids when the weather is not inviting to go outside.


#24: Go Swimming:

In case the weather is good, just find the nearest leisure center.


#25: Arts & Crafts:

If your walls are a bit empty at home, why not taking this long weekend to create some painting with the kids. You can then frame them and display them.


#26: Laser Tag:

When you are looking to have fun as a family, you need to try out laser tag. Most venues rent the equipment so you just need to get ready for action.


#27: Play Hide and Seek:

In case you’re just in the mood to be a child again, why not play the “old” hide and seek?


#28: Indoor Sports:

While most sports need to be done outdoors, you also have plenty of indoor sports. Just find one that suits you. It’s always a good time to exercise.


#29: Create A Time Capsule:

One neat idea that you can convert into reality in a long weekend is to create a family time capsule. Then, bury it in your yard.


#30: Play Indoor Volleyball:

When you want to keep moving and don’t know what to do, just grab a balloon and play indoor volleyball.


#31: Go To An Adventure Park:

An adventure park is a great way to exercise and to spend time with the family as well. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of challenges without any phones nearby.


#32: Print Your Best Photos:

A perfect craft to do with your kids. Just choose the best photos and make a beautiful collage with their help.


#33: Build A Fort:

No matter if you build one in the backyard or in the living room, your kids are going to love it. And you will too.

The chances are you have a duvet or sofa. Cardboard boxes are also useful. Construct a mini-fort for yourself and your family and enjoy being childish for a day.


#34: A Picnic In The Park:

When the weather is great, it just feels like you need to be outside. So, why not have a picnic in the park?


#35: Check Out The Stars:

One of the things that you can also do at night is to simply enjoy the stars. Buy a telescope and take the time to teach your kids how it works and tell them what they are observing.


#36: Go To An Amusement Park:

There are many different amusement parks so you just need to pick the best one for the entire family to have fun. It will be a blast.


#37: Build A Garden Labyrinth:

When you are looking to improve your kid’s skills, you should try to create a garden labyrinth. All you need is unmowed grass, twigs, and stones.


#38: Make Bubbles:

Making bubbles can be extremely fun. Besides, you just need to use some household products that you already have at home.


#39: Go To A Play:

When you are raising a child, it is important to give her the space to play, have fun but also to show her as many different things as you can. And going to a play is one of those activities.


#40: Go Camping:

If you love nature, then there is nothing like a good camping trip to reconnect.


#41: Go On A Road Trip:

The best thing about a road trip is that you don’t even need to have a specific destination. Just think whether you prefer to head towards the country or towards the beach. Just take the time to breathe, to relieve the stress, and to enjoy yourself.


#42: Ride A Bike:

Riding a bike can be incredibly fun and is great for your body and mind.


#43: Create a Dress-Up Box:

In case it’s raining, you can take the day to check all the wardrobes at home. Just pick the shoes, hats, dresses, and everything that you don’t wear anymore and take them to a thrift shop.


#44: Go For A Hike:

A good hike is perfect to reconnect with your kids and get some exercise your body will appreciate. Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding environment.


#45: Be A Card Shark

Just choose to turn off the TV and the computer and head onto a classic card game.


#46: Go For A Walk:

Sometimes, a simple walk is revigorating.


#47: See An Outdoor Art Installation:

In case you like art and the weather is good, you don’t want to go to an art museum. However, you can definitely opt to see an outdoor art installation.


#48: Go To The Beach:

Soaking up the sun and swimming in a beautiful sea is a great way to take advantage of a long weekend.


#49: Frame It:

While you’re at the beach, just gather some beach glass, seashells, pebbles, sticks, and create a beautiful frame.


#50: Get To Know Your City:

While you keep moving around your city, most people don’t even know if. So, just head to the places that tourists usually see.


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