Words of Encouragement for All College Moms

College moms face unique challenges when going back to school. I wanted to share some encouragement that might help in reaching your academic goals. I always believe that "tough times don't last always, but tough people do." Here is a short video ...

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College moms face unique challenges when going back to school. I wanted to share some encouragement that might help in reaching your academic goals. I always believe that “tough times don’t last always, but tough people do.”

Here is a short video of encouragement for all the hardworking college moms.

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Pregnant + MBA? This Mom’s Experience in B-School

We love hearing from our Divas! In this blog post, we sat down Elois Joseph to discuss her back to school journey as a soon-to-be mom in an MBA program. This weekend warrior inspires us to step out in faith and pursue our goals no matter what! &nb...

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We love hearing from our Divas! In this blog post, we sat down Elois Joseph to discuss her back to school journey as a soon-to-be mom in an MBA program. This weekend warrior inspires us to step out in faith and pursue our goals no matter what!


Keep reading for your own inspiration.


Q: What made you go back for your MBA?

A: I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’d worked for the same company for more than a decade. I thought my patience and loyalty would put me in a position to advance. After patiently waiting for almost a decade with no advancement, I decided it was time to move on. I also realized that my skills and ideas were stale and that my confidence was low. I knew that if I wanted to compete in today’s job market, that I needed to reinvent myself.


Q: Did future family plans play a part in your staying in your position for so long?

A: Not at all. I had too much faith in my manager/company.


Q: Gotcha. What was your MBA program like?

A: I did the “Executive” format which worked for me. That meant 8 hours of class time on Saturdays.


Q: Was it hard being in class so long being pregnant at the same time?

A: I was being so fulfilled and having my confidence renewed with my new skills that it didn’t bother me one bit. Not to mention the school was 40 miles away so it took an hour to get there, and 2.5 hours to get home due to traffic. I also didn’t want to let my cohort down or show a sign of not being able to handle it all. But I had a great pregnancy which helped a lot.



Q: That is definitely a blessing! What about your educational journey do you think being pregnant made unique.

A: We had a capstone project for a final project, as opposed to a thesis. The company, Scot Forge, was quite a distance from home so on site meetings in my last term made me nervous only because I was carrying an 11 pound baby that I delivered about 7 days after graduation.



Q: What made you continue knowing that being pregnant would present more challenges?

A: I never thought that being pregnant would present challenges. I had a great pregnancy so I moved through the school, work, pregnancy flow rather gracefully. Another great motivator was based on statistics. Black girl from the hood-hood of Chicago, single mom, absent father— you know how the story goes. Then to be told that I could never have kids, and to work in a non-diverse sector like the financial industry for 20 years, I was in beast mode. In theory, My life was sort of set up to fail. I was driven…a real corporate go getter and very much of a “I can do anything a man can do” type personality. So to do all of these things; work, school, pregnant, I was on fire. No weapon formed against me stood a chance.


Q: What was your support system like?

A: Excellent support system. It was just my husband and I so he was cool and very supportive of me going to school 8 hours, every Saturday for two years. Once I was finished, he was inspired and enrolled in school.


Q: What tips do you have for any of our Divas either going back to school or thinking about going back to school while pregnant?

A: Do it. Even if you have to take part time hours to make it work for your life, do it. Take advantage of employers’ tuition reimbursement. It may seem like a long journey, but it goes by so quickly. If you’re not an entrepreneur, an education will increase your knowledge/skills and open up many doors. I’m very pro-education. Even if you are an entrepreneur education will make sure that your skills are never stale. NEVER allow your skills to become stale and outdated and stop fighting glass ceilings. Always invest in yourself and remain competitive with an education and trending skills.






How this woman makes $140K a year with JUST a 2 year Degree

How THIS woman makes $140K A Year WITH a 2 year Degree

You thought going back to school would be a step toward a bigger paycheck, but you found out that the idea wasn’t all it was hyped up to be? You’ve got mountains of student debt and...

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How THIS woman makes $140K A Year WITH a 2 year Degree

You thought going back to school would be a step toward a bigger paycheck, but you found out that the idea wasn’t all it was hyped up to be? You’ve got mountains of student debt and degree after degree and you haven’t even cracked 6 figures yet?


As costs of a college education rise and salaries seem to stagnate, many women are realizing that going to school longer for the traditional 4-year degree doesn’t necessarily help them bring in the big bucks. In some cases, it only helps them get into more debt.


LendEdu analyzed a College Pulse survey of 7,000 college students from nearly 1,000 colleges and universities and found that students, on average, expect to earn $60,000 in their first job out of college.


But a recent survey from LendEdu shows actual salaries are closer to $50,000.


Yet, there is hope for those who are looking to follow a less traditional route.


Read the interview below to learn how Neece Lewis, age 32, was able to turn a 2-year degree in Industrial Systems Technology into a $140K a year job in Nuclear Power.


Back to School Divas: Nuclear Power is such a non-traditional field for women. What made you decide to go in that direction?
Neece Lewis: Lol! I get that question more than you know but truth be told…I wanted to try something different. I found no interest in the conventional jobs that were for women.

I loved math but didn’t want to be behind a desk. I loved figuring out things and how they work but absolutely hated the idea of sitting behind a screen all day. So, I actually started off as a mechanic and all of these men thought I was a joke with my nails and hair but I was good… damn good…

Later I had the opportunity to work in the nuclear field. In this field, they usually promote within and I passed every test I sat down to take. So, now I’m here as a Nuclear System Operator and I absolutely love it…

What program did you attend?
I went to a local community college named Wallace Community College (WCC)…I majored in Industrial Systems Technology.
But nuclear power can be so broad that anything in science, technology, engineering, or maintenance can get you a foot through the door.

How old were you when you started the program?
I was 26 when I returned to school (32 now). I graduated when I was 32.

I was the same age when I graduated! What is the best way to get into the field of Nuclear Power?
Experience or a certification/degree that relates to technology, engineering, maintenance, or engineering. They need more women as they are currently trying to make this field more diverse. So, being a woman gets you a leg up.

How is work-life balance?
Ehhh… I personally love it. I do work shift work which I know a lot of people don’t like but my regular work schedule consists of me working only 14-16 days a month (either days or nights…12 hr shifts)…but they give us ample amount of vacation days where I can reduce that if I’d like to and we have extra help on shift if you should have to leave for any emergencies…

Do you have children also?
Yes. Two (a daughter-7, a son-10)

Awwww, how old were they when you started the program?
Lol!! My daughter was 2 and my son was 5.

Oh, wow! Was it hard to manage them and the Industrial Systems Technology program as well?
Yes! I can’t lie. I was a single parent and had no help from their bio fathers. The program work, itself, was pretty easy and it consisted of a lot of hands-on work. Juggling that, working, and my kids is what made it hard. I also received a scholarship that would pay me 11$/hr at 20 hours a week but it wasn’t enough to care for my children so I ended up having to work 2 jobs and go to school.

There are a lot of companies that are invested in these types of programs at community colleges because this field is needed. They paid for all my tuition and school supplies/tools…and when I graduated, they gave me a full-time job with beginning pay at 26$/hr! So it was worth it in the end.

It sounds like it! Do you know if any of those companies specifically?
I don’t…it usually depends on the school so, the admissions department would be a great place to ask for all that info

Anything else you want to add that you think other women might need to know?
There are a lot of unconventional jobs that we can be awesome at. Women are needed! We tend to have a gift of attention to detail! We are more than teachers, social workers, and nurses. We are engineers, we are doctors…we are important. These other industries need us.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I’m sure this will help many of our readers!
Thank you ❤️


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Do you have a high earning degree? Tell us about it in the comments!

Fun & Affordable Things to Do with Kids This Summer

With another school year almost ending, this is a difficult time for most parents. After all, how can you keep your kids entertained and having fun for the entire summer?


While you...

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With another school year almost ending, this is a difficult time for most parents. After all, how can you keep your kids entertained and having fun for the entire summer?


While you may need to be at work or taking summer college classes, kids need their own affordable things to do, activities that keep them distracted and having fun after a whole year at school. However, at the same time, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. And we all know how those summer camps can be pretty expensive.


You’re looking for the best summer activities that you can do with your kids that are not only fun but free (or at least cheap). The main goal is to keep them active and engaged in an activity that’s fun for them. Besides, believe it or not, these will be the best memories your kids will have from their childhood when they grow up.


So, let’s get started.


Affordable Things to Do with the Kids This Summer


– Go hiking or for a nature walk: Kids love being in contact with Nature and it’s great for them as well as for you. You can even take the chance and do a picnic. In case you have more than one day, you can go camping with kids.


– Visit a local farm or an aquarium: Spend an afternoon teaching your kids know where their food comes from. The experience of visiting a farm and helping with plants and animals is absolutely amazing (especially for suburbanites).


– Visit a fire station: As a parent, you know that it’s important that your kids know who can help them when they are in danger. Plan a visit to a fire station to visit with firefighters, tour the station, and inspire heroism in your little ones.


– Pool day: What can be more fun for kids than spending the day at the pool? Look for free neighborhood pools, YMCA pools, or other community center pools for affordable swimming pool options.


– Scavenger hunt: Kids tend to love this activity and can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Look on Pinterest for scavenger hunt ideas, or make up your own with fun items in your home.


– Make stovetop s’mores: If it’s just too hot outside, you can simply stay at home and make stovetop s’mores.


– Pillow fight: Get a little spontaneous with a pillow fight. You can take this one step further by staging a sleepover with kids, laying with them until they fall asleep. It’ll make for a fun memory with your kids, and will be heartwarming for you, too.



– Make homemade ice cream: There’s nothing that feels as good as a good ice cream during the summer. To make it even better, make a delicious homemade ice cream at home with the kids.


– Go mini golfing: Mini golf is always a fun summer night activity with your kids. Look for fun themed golf courses like glow in the dark golf, or courses at affordable local theme parks.



– Water balloon fight: Keep fun close to home with a friendly water balloon fight in the yard—perfect for neighborhoods with lots of kids.


– Build a cardboard box castle: Kids love to build their own castle. Help them build it and leave the waiting and decor to your little experts.


While all these free summer activities are great options for the family, there are times when you just need some grownup time. Help your kids discover better ways to entertain themselves outside of familiar screens.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids


– Play hide and seek

– Play Simon Says

– Make paper airplanes and create a contest around it

– Hula hoop

– Play Would You Rather

– Build with legos

– Read a book

– Play a card game

– Get creative with arts and crafts

– Make a blanket fort

– Walk the neighbor’s dog

– Do a puzzle

– Water play in the backyard

– Make paper bag puppets

– Play an instrument

– Jump rope games


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family running at the park

50 Productive Things to Do on a Long Weekend

family running at the park

It's not very common to have a long weekend. From work holidays to Monday Mental Health days, taking a long weekend can be a great opportunity to get stuff done. So, you want to make sure that you make the most out it, Diva.


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It’s not very common to have a long weekend. From work holidays to Monday Mental Health days, taking a long weekend can be a great opportunity to get stuff done. So, you want to make sure that you make the most out it, Diva.


Productive Things To Do 

As you can imagine, both indoors and outdoors, there are always things to do. Nevertheless, you also want to ensure that you should some activities that you can do with your kids as well.

50 Ways To Increase Productivity On A Three Day Weekend


#1: Visit The Family:

In case your family lives a bit far away and you don’t have a chance to see them often, a three day weekend is perfect.


#2: Go Shopping:

There are always things that you need to buy for your home and for your kids. So, you can take some time to go to the shopping mall.


#3: Read A Book:

One of the best pleasures in life is enjoying a good book. So, why not take the afternoon off and read a book for your kids? You can even leave the end of the story out and make them imagine it.


#4: Visit A Museum:

There are always museums that don’t charge an entry fee, especially if you’re taking kids. And even if they do, this is a great option when the weather is bad. Besides, learning new things is always interesting.


#5: Watch A Movie At Home:

If you’re feeling a bit lazy and you don’t feel like getting out of the house, you can rent a movie to watch with your kids. It can be an animation movie or an old one.


#6: Do Some Gardening:

Gardening is a great hobby and you have so much space in your backyard that you aren’t really using. So, why not grow some vegetables or fruits? In case you live in an apartment, you can also do it. Just get some vases and plant some herbs.


#7: Day Trip To State And National Parks:

If you want to spend the day out with your family, you have the option to do a day trip to state and national parks. You will all be able to enjoy the fresh air and be in contact with nature. It can be pretty refreshing and stress relieving.


#8: The Zoo:

Kids love going to the zoo and most adults love it as well. So, you can definitely use a day (or an afternoon) and check the new animals at the zoo.


#9: Take On A Project At Home:

Remember that project that you keep postponing because you don’t have the time to do it? Well, just take this long weekend to take care of it. You can get your kids involved as well. While you may not be able to complete it as fast, it’s a great opportunity for kids to see how you use tools and try them out for themselves as well.


#10: Have a Board Game Day:

In case your kids are always spending their long weekends glued to their computer playing games, why can’t you host the board game day? Most young kids have never even tried board games and they can be quite fun. Just choose one of the classics (depending on your kid’s age) such as Battleship, Cluedo, Scrabble, Risk, Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, checkers or Chess.


#11: Head To The Playground:

Do you remember the last time you took your child to the playground? Well, he pretty sure misses it. So, just make him a surprise.


#12: Host A Dinner Party:

Most people believe that spending a good day with the family deserves a celebration. So, instead of going out to dinner or ordering food, you can host a special dinner party just for the family. Just think about something that each one of the family members loves and ask kids to help you out.


#13: Make A Paper Fortune Teller:

Besides spending quality time with your kids, you will be also developing their skills. Besides, you will find it incredibly funny.


#14: The Movies

In case your kids mentioned a movie they would like to see, just make them a surprise. Don’t forget about the popcorn.


#15: Visit A Local Farm:

When the weather is good, you should consider taking your kids to a local farm. Besides the contact with nature, they will be able to learn a lot about animals and plants.


#16: Watch Wildlife:

If you like to be in contact with nature and you usually don’t have the time to do it, just grab your kids and head onto the countryside or to a local park.


#17: Play Pen And Pencil Games:

There are many classic games that can be played with a simple pen and a piece of paper. Besides, they can be a lot of fun. Some ideas include Battle Ships, Hang Man, and even Noughts and Crosses.


#18: The Arcade:

If you decided to take a walk with your family but it’s too much hot, why not visit the arcade? Your kids are going to love it and so will you.


#19: Bake A New Cookie Recipe:

Anxious to try out that new cookie recipe your friend gave you? Take the three long weekend and the help of your kids and head to the kitchen.


#20: Play the Sentence Game:

This is a great game to be played by the entire family. You just need to write a sentence in a piece of paper and fold it. Then, supply one word of the next line for the following person. You won’t believe the stories that will come up.


#21: Make Finger Puppets:

If you have young kids, making finger puppets is a great idea. In the end, you can even write down a story or two.


#22: Ten-Pin Bowling:

In case the three day weekend is in winter or it is raining outside, you need to think about something you can do indoors. So, why not take the family for a ten-pin bowling?


#23: Origami:

Origami is a perfect activity to do with kids when the weather is not inviting to go outside.


#24: Go Swimming:

In case the weather is good, just find the nearest leisure center.


#25: Arts & Crafts:

If your walls are a bit empty at home, why not taking this long weekend to create some painting with the kids. You can then frame them and display them.


#26: Laser Tag:

When you are looking to have fun as a family, you need to try out laser tag. Most venues rent the equipment so you just need to get ready for action.


#27: Play Hide and Seek:

In case you’re just in the mood to be a child again, why not play the “old” hide and seek?


#28: Indoor Sports:

While most sports need to be done outdoors, you also have plenty of indoor sports. Just find one that suits you. It’s always a good time to exercise.


#29: Create A Time Capsule:

One neat idea that you can convert into reality in a long weekend is to create a family time capsule. Then, bury it in your yard.


#30: Play Indoor Volleyball:

When you want to keep moving and don’t know what to do, just grab a balloon and play indoor volleyball.


#31: Go To An Adventure Park:

An adventure park is a great way to exercise and to spend time with the family as well. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of challenges without any phones nearby.


#32: Print Your Best Photos:

A perfect craft to do with your kids. Just choose the best photos and make a beautiful collage with their help.


#33: Build A Fort:

No matter if you build one in the backyard or in the living room, your kids are going to love it. And you will too.

The chances are you have a duvet or sofa. Cardboard boxes are also useful. Construct a mini-fort for yourself and your family and enjoy being childish for a day.


#34: A Picnic In The Park:

When the weather is great, it just feels like you need to be outside. So, why not have a picnic in the park?


#35: Check Out The Stars:

One of the things that you can also do at night is to simply enjoy the stars. Buy a telescope and take the time to teach your kids how it works and tell them what they are observing.


#36: Go To An Amusement Park:

There are many different amusement parks so you just need to pick the best one for the entire family to have fun. It will be a blast.


#37: Build A Garden Labyrinth:

When you are looking to improve your kid’s skills, you should try to create a garden labyrinth. All you need is unmowed grass, twigs, and stones.


#38: Make Bubbles:

Making bubbles can be extremely fun. Besides, you just need to use some household products that you already have at home.


#39: Go To A Play:

When you are raising a child, it is important to give her the space to play, have fun but also to show her as many different things as you can. And going to a play is one of those activities.


#40: Go Camping:

If you love nature, then there is nothing like a good camping trip to reconnect.


#41: Go On A Road Trip:

The best thing about a road trip is that you don’t even need to have a specific destination. Just think whether you prefer to head towards the country or towards the beach. Just take the time to breathe, to relieve the stress, and to enjoy yourself.


#42: Ride A Bike:

Riding a bike can be incredibly fun and is great for your body and mind.


#43: Create a Dress-Up Box:

In case it’s raining, you can take the day to check all the wardrobes at home. Just pick the shoes, hats, dresses, and everything that you don’t wear anymore and take them to a thrift shop.


#44: Go For A Hike:

A good hike is perfect to reconnect with your kids and get some exercise your body will appreciate. Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding environment.


#45: Be A Card Shark

Just choose to turn off the TV and the computer and head onto a classic card game.


#46: Go For A Walk:

Sometimes, a simple walk is revigorating.


#47: See An Outdoor Art Installation:

In case you like art and the weather is good, you don’t want to go to an art museum. However, you can definitely opt to see an outdoor art installation.


#48: Go To The Beach:

Soaking up the sun and swimming in a beautiful sea is a great way to take advantage of a long weekend.


#49: Frame It:

While you’re at the beach, just gather some beach glass, seashells, pebbles, sticks, and create a beautiful frame.


#50: Get To Know Your City:

While you keep moving around your city, most people don’t even know if. So, just head to the places that tourists usually see.


Want to get really productive over your long weekend? Download the Back to School Divas planner to put together to-do lists, manager your projects, make grocery lists and more!

African American woman reading a book peacefully on couch

Saying “No” to Stress with Priorities Check-In

African American woman reading a book peacefully on couch

We know it’s hard to successfully navigate family, work, politics, health, chores, and studying. Life seems to be going too fast, and to be honest, it’s not slowing down any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you h...

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We know it’s hard to successfully navigate family, work, politics, health, chores, and studying. Life seems to be going too fast, and to be honest, it’s not slowing down any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the stress, eat comfort food for every meal, and give up on all the fun extra things that make life awesome.


Stress — and more importantly, how you deal with it — all come down to you. Even a simple mindset shift can help you view stressors in a new light. Think about all the advice you’ve heard about saying “I get to …” instead of “I have to …”. And it doesn’t stop there. You have the power to remove stress from your life, too.


Don’t believe us? Let’s breakdown 4 strategies you can use to reduce stress levels and set priorities in your life.


Rule 1: Set Aside all the “Nice to Haves” for Later


No doubt about it, college stress is on a whole new level. You’ve got essays, and tests, and pop quizzes, group assignments, speeches … you name it. And it’s all happening at once.  There’s no “one and done”: rule for how to handle it all, but it can be helpful to remember to simply put first things first.

Ask yourself: “will what I’m about to do have an immediate effect on my most important goal right now?” Think about this in terms of short-term goals. You have dishes to do, laundry to fold, and an essay to write. Your biggest short-term goal is to get an A in your class for the semester. Which task helps you get there?

That doesn’t mean that the dishes won’t ever get done, or that the laundry will sit there forever. But always, first things first.


Rule 2. If it Works Without the Change, Then Let the Change Wait


Multi-tasking can seem like the easy way out of pressure, but try to avoid it if you’re really serious about reducing stress and increasing efficiency.

We all get distracted by a few new tasks here and there. The reality is that you may not be able to stop all these tasks from coming at you, especially as a college student. You may find yourself shuttling between school work and family tasks, only halfway showing up for either one.

Why not try out a more efficient way to deal with this situation? You can reduce stress, manage your time well and still remain fully present in each moment. Here’s the simple secret: as soon as a new assignment is given to you, listen to the instructions carefully and determine how much time you need to complete it. Then ask yourself if it’s really a priority that day or if it can be done tomorrow or next. Those dishes are annoying (and frankly, kinda gross) but leaving them one more day won’t be the end of the world.

On the other hand, leaving your assignment until tomorrow could cause serious issues. You just never know what might pop up tomorrow, right?


Rule 3: Focusing 100% on One Assignment is the Fastest Way to Complete It


Managing your time is a huge part of prioritizing your life, too. This means allotting a time block to complete certain tasks. Let’s say you’ve decided to complete that essay assignment that’s due in a couple of days. You sit down with a goal to get it done, then find that you spend three hours digging through research papers, bouncing around on Facebook, and staring at the ceiling. Or, you get distracted in 15 minutes and walk away.

Instead, get focused by setting a timer. 30 minutes will do. Set a timer, open your document, and get to work. Knowing that you’re in a time crunch, you’ll likely get more done in 30 minutes than you would in 3 hours, and you can walk away satisfied with your progress (even if you don’t finish it 100%).


Rule 4: Ask for Help When You Need It


Being productive and being stressed don’t need to go hand-in-hand. Ask for help when you need it:


  • task your kids with household chores while you study
  • ask a neighbor to pull in trash cans or check mail while you’re working late
  • use a delivery service for food from a local restaurant while you write an essay
  • hire help for everyday tasks while you enjoy time with family


Just be sure to ask for help from the right person. Having the wrong person, or someone who’s not up to the task, can end up causing more work for you down the line.


If you want to reduce stress and stay productive, focus on prioritizing what’s really important. If you want more help, join the Back to School Divas Facebook group for motivation and inspiration from women just like you!


Get Calm with These Mindfulness Apps

Are you familiar with the term mindfulness? It’s gained popularity in the past few years and many people swear they have gotten their lives together, lost weight, learned to be happier and relieved stress by practici...

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Are you familiar with the term mindfulness? It’s gained popularity in the past few years and many people swear they have gotten their lives together, lost weight, learned to be happier and relieved stress by practicing the principles of this technique.


Still, some people have yet to catch up with the mindfulness train and if you’re one of them, then today our goal is to help you get started! Let’s start living a much more calm, aware and stress-free life by identifying some of the best mindfulness apps to help you get in on it.


What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a state of being more aware, living in the present moment and being conscious of your feelings, emotions, and thoughts as well as your physical presence.


encourages you to let go of the past and mistakes you have made and focus more on living life to the fullest in the present. It’s a powerful therapeutic technique that can help you feel more at ease.


Focusing on the past or future instead of the present can make you anxious and stressed out which reduces your quality of life and productivity. If you’re looking to cut out those negative thoughts that make you feel stressed, and become more present in the moment, or if you already actively practice and want to enhance your practice, mindfulness apps can help.


Could relief be as close as your smartphone?


Roll safe guy with "hmm" expression pointing at head


Let’s find out.



The Calm app lets you customize your experience by selecting soothing tracks to accompany your practice: the sound of the outdoors or rain, chirping crickets, or whatever sounds soothe you and puts your mind at ease. Calm features an exercise that helps you refocus your mind when it wanders, build awareness and learn to “snap out of it” when your mind goes into autopilot mode.


There are a series of 10-minute long videos on mindful movements and sleep stories that are read to you in a calming voice, like a bedtime story to put you at ease and help you sleep better.. There are also guided sessions for “daily calm” to help you relax and unwind. It has a wide selection of up to 100 music tracks to relax and sleep peacefully.


The app is free, but you can access even more helpful features with a premium subscription. It’s available on the Google Play store and iTunes App Store.



Headspace app with tagline "Guided meditation for everybody"

Headspace is one of the most popular and best mindfulness apps available today. Creator Andy Puddicombe makes meditation and mindfulness a breeze with guided sessions based on what you want to achieve from your practice.


The app’s interface is bright and cheerful with animations and even has sessions for kids and short mini sessions to help you incorporate a bit of mindfulness into your daily life. You can track your progress as you meditate more and set reminders for days when you might forget to get a session in.


There are a variety of guided sessions to choose from like sleep sounds, emergency meditations, and short meditations. There is also an option for you to save some of these sessions for when you’re offline so you can access your favorite guided meditation sessions when you are off the grid.


The Headspace mindfulness app is available for free, but to access all of the available courses you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly plan. You can download the app from the Google Play store or iTunes App Store.


Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think app screen

As the name suggests, this mindfulness app encourages you to breathe and think by giving you a handy timer for mediations and breathing exercises while a soothing soundtrack plays in the background. What’s really unique about this app is that it tailors each session to you by letting you check in and answer questions about your physical and mental health to decide which meditation or yoga session would work best for you.


There’s a wide selection of sessions—from forgiveness to short stories and acupuncture videos that help you focus on living more in the present. This beginners mindfulness app has a guide on mediation for those who need more help getting into mediation as well. At the end of the week, you get a review of what your week was like, based on the moods you checked in before each session.


You can enjoy using this app for free but for full benefits, sign up for a monthly subscription. The app is available on Google Play store or iTunes App Store.


10% Happier

10% Happier app with screens on iPhone

This app is one of the most helpful mindfulness apps available for first time meditators. It’s based on the popular bestselling book by Tv Host Dan Harris with the same name and provides practical exercises you can follow, as well as sessions and talks by world-famous scientists, writers and psychologists. This app gives you the chance to communicate with a real-life coach if guided sessions simply aren’t doing it for you.


10% Happier takes a no-nonsense approach with its guided sessions on mindfulness, which is great for people who prefer a practical approach. The sessions and talks cover a range of topics including the benefits of practice on your brain and mind, mindful eating, and learning to be kind.


Take advantage of a 7-day free trial period after which you will have to pay for a yearly subscription if you decide it’s the best mindfulness app for you. The app is available on Google Play store or iTunes App Store.


Insight Timer

Insight Timer logo and phone app screen with tagline "Peace in our Timer"

What’s really special about this mindfulness app is that it’s more like a community or social network of meditators from all around the world. Insight Timer gives you information on how many people are currently mediating with you around the world and even gives you the option of inviting friends to meditate as well. Because you’re so connected to other like-minded people there are group discussions on meditation and mindfulness where users can share ideas, ask questions and learn from each other.


This app offers a wide range of guided meditation sessions—from sessions on self-love to overcoming addictions. You can also time sessions and choose soothing background sounds.


Insight Timer is free to download but you’ll need a premium subscription for access to more courses and content. Because of the wide range of users, there’s a lot of content that can be overwhelming for beginners. The app is available on Google Play store or iTunes App Store.


Which app will you try? Have you ever tried mindfulness or meditation practice? Let us know in the comments!


stressed African American woman sitting in front of laptop at work

How to Deal with Stress: Doctor’s Advice

stressed African American woman sitting in front of laptop at work

With the crazy world that we live in and the hustle and bustle of each day, getting stressed out is not exactly a strange experience. Still, some level of stress has in fact been proven to be healthy! A little anxiety ...

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With the crazy world that we live in and the hustle and bustle of each day, getting stressed out is not exactly a strange experience. Still, some level of stress has in fact been proven to be healthy! A little anxiety inspires drive and enhances your natural abilities to handle tasks and deliver results.


Just like every other thing in the world, if stress goes unchecked or is too frequent, there can be frightening consequences. Your body could experience a decline in the central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine.


Miss J clutching neck and saying "oooo child"


And honestly, what is scarier than a trip to the emergency room? Doctors and scientists have gone out of their way to discuss tips for dealing with stress—so you can avoid health scares and feel your absolute best.


How to Deal with Stress in a Healthy Way


Beat Stress with Exercise

Hitting the gym or going for a walk comes first on our list because it’s one of the most fantastic ways to get your body and mind relaxed. Ironically, most of us who would love to experience these exercising benefits hardly ever find the time to make it happen!


Dr. Edward Group, Founder of Global Healing Center, stated that exercise helps you to feel stronger and better energized. It emits neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine which leaves you strong and feeling good thereby curbing stress.


Get in a regular sweat session at home with free YouTube workouts, DVDs, or other options. Doctor’s orders!


Fight Mental Overload with Meditation

Cutting off every distraction and finding that peaceful space to meditate and pray can be all you need to deal with stress. Research shows that it helps your body relax and keeps your mind focused. What’s more, meditating and mindful prayer help you get rid of negative emotions which could contribute to physical stress.


Meditation is so potent that the American Psychological Association recommends it to individuals, adding that it assists in generating self-compassion, forgiveness and other instant benefits.


Experience Renewal with Muscle Relaxation

With stress comes the feeling of tension and uneasiness. For this reason, taking actions to relax your muscles can help you get over such stress and exhaustion. To experience deep relaxation in your body, try:

  • enjoy a massage
  • stretch with a foam roller
  • take a hot shower
  • soak in a hot bath with Epsom sales


Gain a New Outlook when You Change Your Attitude

Stress usually originates from demands for your time and energy that you find difficult to handle. The most logical way to get out of stress is to avoid the situation that got you worked up in the first place. Easier said than done, right?


Maybe not. If your job gets you stressed to the point that Sunday afternoons are full of intense dread of Monday morning, consider updating your resume with a professional and start looking for something new.


Also, don’t work yourself up over circumstances that you can’t change. Focus on things you can control: your attitude, your time, and your thoughts.


Diva, daily living can be so crazy that it’s no wonder stress pops up every now and then. If your stress is ongoing, or leading to physical ailments, please visit your doctor.


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How to Apply for Internships in Grad School

group of young people around a laptop smiling and talking about work

Grad school internships should never be an afterthought. This is how you’ll often get your “foot in the door”, after all. Knowing how to go about applying for your ideal internships will help to ensure that you l...

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Grad school internships should never be an afterthought. This is how you’ll often get your “foot in the door”, after all. Knowing how to go about applying for your ideal internships will help to ensure that you land a quality internship that will help you to land your dream job.

Finding the Right Internship Opportunities

Before applying for an internship, you first need to learn how to find good internship opportunities. There are many streams that can help you achieve this.


Ask Your Teacher or Professor

Your teacher or professor will know about the available opportunities in your field because many times, companies will directly contact colleges about available internship opportunities.


Google Search on Intern-Specific Sites

There are plenty of sites online that are specifically dedicated to announcing internship opportunities in different fields. Sites such as LinkedIn, Wayup and YouTern can help you get started in finding the right type of internship for you.


General Google Search

A general Google search for internships in your field will help you identify what the opportunities are and where they are. Putting in your nearest town or city is also ideal when doing this.

Now that you’re clear on how to find an internship, let’s have a look at the steps it will take to apply for one.


Steps to Apply for an Internship

Identify the Internship

This first point has to do with your specific field. I’d also encourage you to be open-minded here. For instance, if you studied journalism and would like to be a magazine editor one day, if there’s an internship available for the Beauty Section of Elle magazine, there is certainly no problem in applying for one.

Although the “Beauty” section may not be something you’d ideally want to do, it is still helping you to get your “foot in the door”. Applying for this internship will also help you to broaden your mind as to what the other opportunities may be in your field that you may not have considered before.


Prepare Your Resume

If you’ve been in school your whole life or haven’t really had the opportunity to work in your field of study, don’t stress. This is an internship, after all.


All your prospective boss wants to know is what your background and interests are. To make sure that your resume is as professional as it can be, make sure that you do the following:

  • Include your school courses and extracurricular activities
  • Mention any volunteer work you’ve done in your past
  • Of course, if you have prior work experience, include that too
  • Try to be as concise and as internship-related as possible
  • Don’t forget to include contactable references


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Write your Cover Letter

A resume is concise and briefly points out all the school and work experience you have had. A cover letter, on the other hand, is more personal. It highlights why you are the ideal candidate for this internship.

Try not to replicate the information from your resume here. Instead, highlight what drew you to that specific internship, what skills you have, and how that has prepared you for the internship.


Prepare for the Interview

Once you’ve applied for the internship/s (make sure that you apply to many. You want to cast the net as wide as possible) and get a call for an interview, you’ll need to prepare yourself for that big day.

Prep yourself by getting a professional outfit, practicing generic questions (such as: Tell us about yourself. Why should we choose you? What are your strengths and weaknesses?) and also make sure that you arrive early for the interview to avoid any chances of bad traffic getting in your way.


An internship will help you to take a step in the right direction of your career aspirations. Following these tips will help to ensure that you identify the right internship for you, and you know exactly how the process will unfold.


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confident woman at an interview in a modern office

Top Resume Tips From a Professional Resume Writer

confident woman at an interview in a modern office

Looking for a new job? You already know the importance of a strong resume. But what makes a resume “strong” in the first place?   Today’s job hunters face new cha...

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Looking for a new job? You already know the importance of a strong resume. But what makes a resume “strong” in the first place?


Today’s job hunters face new challenges. Online job boards and digital recruitment services make it easy to apply to several jobs at once. Just attach your resume and you’re done! Right?


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Resume Tips for College Students


Once you hit “Send”, your application goes out into the world wide web darkness. Your main source of light is your resume. But it’s not a simple as having the right experience reflected. You have to consider:


  • SEO keyword matches
  • Easy-to-download file formats
  • Headers, headlines and file names


These digital components can make or break your visibility in a candidate pool online.


So, how can you improve your resume and give yourself a better opportunity to land an interview?


We asked a professional Resume Writer for advice.


Briana is a Resume Writer with 3 years experience crafting resumes for the web. “In the last six months,” she says, “I have worked on six resumes, and four out of six have gotten the job.”


What did she have to say about crafting standout resumes? Read on to find out.


What makes a good resume?


“Be precise, and as informative in “short, sweet and to the point” form as you can. Applying words directly related to the job posting you are applying for, and include competencies that show you understand your work and are eager to learn more.”

What’s the best formatting or outline for a good resume?


“Bullet points. Much easier to read and understand the full story behind your experience and skill level.”

What are the most important things to include for each job you’ve been at?


“Recognition for doing your job efficiently, keywords from that job that match the one you’re now applying for and length of time spent at each job/where you worked.”

Describe your process for turning an “ok” resume into a “great” one, in as much detail as you can.


The first step to making an “ok” resume into a “BOMB” resume is vocabulary. For example, if someone says “3 years in retail” on their resume the simple fix for this to make it sound better (and have it relate to almost any job you apply for) is “3 years of experience in customer satisfaction in a retail environment utilizing first in-first out order”.

This tells the recruiter that you not only have 3 years of experience, BUT you approached each customer as if they were the only item on your agenda for that day (first in-first out order). Tweaking your wording and using the bullet point method will help the interviewer understand that you have experience, great communication skills and are well-articulated.


Keep this advice in mind as you update your resume and give yourself a head start on the online job hunt!


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