Fun & Affordable Things to Do with Kids This Summer

With another school year almost ending, this is a difficult time for most parents. After all, how can you keep your kids entertained and having fun for the entire summer?


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With another school year almost ending, this is a difficult time for most parents. After all, how can you keep your kids entertained and having fun for the entire summer?


While you may need to be at work or taking summer college classes, kids need their own affordable things to do, activities that keep them distracted and having fun after a whole year at school. However, at the same time, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. And we all know how those summer camps can be pretty expensive.


You’re looking for the best summer activities that you can do with your kids that are not only fun but free (or at least cheap). The main goal is to keep them active and engaged in an activity that’s fun for them. Besides, believe it or not, these will be the best memories your kids will have from their childhood when they grow up.


So, let’s get started.


Affordable Things to Do with the Kids This Summer


– Go hiking or for a nature walk: Kids love being in contact with Nature and it’s great for them as well as for you. You can even take the chance and do a picnic. In case you have more than one day, you can go camping with kids.


– Visit a local farm or an aquarium: Spend an afternoon teaching your kids know where their food comes from. The experience of visiting a farm and helping with plants and animals is absolutely amazing (especially for suburbanites).


– Visit a fire station: As a parent, you know that it’s important that your kids know who can help them when they are in danger. Plan a visit to a fire station to visit with firefighters, tour the station, and inspire heroism in your little ones.


– Pool day: What can be more fun for kids than spending the day at the pool? Look for free neighborhood pools, YMCA pools, or other community center pools for affordable swimming pool options.


– Scavenger hunt: Kids tend to love this activity and can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Look on Pinterest for scavenger hunt ideas, or make up your own with fun items in your home.


– Make stovetop s’mores: If it’s just too hot outside, you can simply stay at home and make stovetop s’mores.


– Pillow fight: Get a little spontaneous with a pillow fight. You can take this one step further by staging a sleepover with kids, laying with them until they fall asleep. It’ll make for a fun memory with your kids, and will be heartwarming for you, too.



– Make homemade ice cream: There’s nothing that feels as good as a good ice cream during the summer. To make it even better, make a delicious homemade ice cream at home with the kids.


– Go mini golfing: Mini golf is always a fun summer night activity with your kids. Look for fun themed golf courses like glow in the dark golf, or courses at affordable local theme parks.



– Water balloon fight: Keep fun close to home with a friendly water balloon fight in the yard—perfect for neighborhoods with lots of kids.


– Build a cardboard box castle: Kids love to build their own castle. Help them build it and leave the waiting and decor to your little experts.


While all these free summer activities are great options for the family, there are times when you just need some grownup time. Help your kids discover better ways to entertain themselves outside of familiar screens.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids


– Play hide and seek

– Play Simon Says

– Make paper airplanes and create a contest around it

– Hula hoop

– Play Would You Rather

– Build with legos

– Read a book

– Play a card game

– Get creative with arts and crafts

– Make a blanket fort

– Walk the neighbor’s dog

– Do a puzzle

– Water play in the backyard

– Make paper bag puppets

– Play an instrument

– Jump rope games


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