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Special Student Discounts to Take Advantage of

It's not easy to be a student nowadays. Between student loans and high tuition rates, you’re probably wondering what else you can do to Read more

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It’s not easy to be a student nowadays. Between student loans and high tuition rates, you’re probably wondering what else you can do to save money. After all, it seems that you just can’t cut anywhere else.

The truth is, there are many different student discounts that you can take advantage of.

Here are some of the best student discounts that you can take advantage of:

#1: Technology And Electronics Discounts

Students need to have a wide range of gadgets that allows you not only to study and make your assignments as well as to stay connected with their friends.

So, you’ll be glad to know that you will be able to save a lot of money with several special online discounts.

Some tech brands that offer student discounts:

ADOBE: You can save more than 60% in your Adobe membership.

APPLE: If you’re already in college, you can take advantage of the 5% student discount the company offers for most Apple products. While this may not seem much, you can end up saving up to $200.

AMAZON: With its Prime Student program, you can take advantage of a 6-month trial that includes unlimited photo storage with Prime photos, unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows, free shipping on more than 50 million products, among others.

BEST BUY: This store also offers special deals for students.

GOPRO: Just use the 20% off on all cameras and accessories when you shop online.

NEWEGG: Just check the Newegg Student Store and get online discounts on wireless routers, portable hard drives, desktops, textbooks, and more.

SPOTIFY: If you like to listen to your favorite songs, then take advantage of your special discount as a student.

#2: News & Publications Discounts:

As a college student, you want to ensure that you stay on top of what’s happening in the world. If you’re considering signing up for a magazine or a newspaper for personal or school use, check out the following publications that offer you the best student discounts:

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK: By signing up for 12 weeks at $12, you’ll have unlimited digital access as well as you will get the weekly delivery of the print magazine.

THE ECONOMIST: Save nearly 60% and access the weekly edition of as well as full access to its app.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Get access during 4 weeks on all 3 subscription packages they have.

THE WASHINGTON POST: With this publication, you will be able to save up to 50%. Just pay $1 for the first 4 weeks, and then $5 each month for unlimited access.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: You can benefit from a special discount of 50% on the annual rate.

#3: Cell Phone Plan Discounts

We know that you just can’t live without your phone. However, it’s important that you have a good plan. The good news is that some providers are already making available some student discounts. The companies offering these special discounts include Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, among others.

#4: Travel Discounts

Traveling or simply moving around campus doesn’t need to be expensive anymore. The truth is that there are already many different companies providing student discounts. So, just ensure that you always have your Sudent ID with you just in case.

Some of the companies that already have these special prices for students include:

COACH USA: You can save up to 15% on bus tickets.

MEGABUS: Just book your ticket and take advantage of their online discounts. You’ll be saving $3 in any ticket.

GETUPSIDE: If you’re traveling by car, you can take advantage of this discount. You can save up to 25c/gal on gas.

#5: Clothing And Accessories Discounts

While some brands only have discounts on their physical stores, there are others where you can take advantage of their online discounts as well.

Some of the best stores where you can save a lot include:

CALVIN KLEIN: You can get 10% off your in-store purchases.

ASOS: You can get a 10% discount just by filling out a short form.

JO-ANN FABRIC AND CRAFT STORES: Get 10% off every purchase of craft supplies.

CLUB MONACO: You can either benefit from a 20% discount in-store as well as online.

POLO RALPH LAUREN FACTORY STORE: Get 15% off in in-store purchases.

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