Graduation Cap Designs That Will End College with a Bang

Is your college graduation cap going to be like everybody else’s? After spending the last few years in college, you deserve better than that. Your graduation day is significant because it means you’re closer to your Read more

Is your college graduation cap going to be like everybody else’s?

After spending the last few years in college, you deserve better than that.

Your graduation day is significant because it means you’re closer to your career aspirations. After all those sleepless nights studying and working on assignments that felt like they were never going to end, you made it through in one piece!

Basic prepping for the day involves getting the perfect dress, your hair and makeup done, and of course, your gown and cap ready.

But wouldn’t it be great to add a little something special to your cap as well?

What’s the Significance of a Unique Graduation Cap Design?

Five words – Stand. Out. From. The. Crowd.

Back in the 14thand 15thcenturies, the graduation cap (sometimes called a mortarboard) was worn mostly by artists and studentsand it represented intelligence and superiority. They were a symbol of honor.

And nowadays? It is still an honor to wear your gown and cap in front of your peers. This is a special moment not only for you but for your loved ones as well. Some of them might have even witnessed you pushing through those sleepless nights.

It only makes sense then to truly honor this day. And of course, one way to honor it is with your look.

The best part about designing your graduation cap is that you can have fun with it. You can put in flowers, your favorite quotes, your moto…let your imagination go wild!

Before you start working on those designs, I think it’s important to give you a few pointers – just to make sure that you go about this the right way.

The Dos and Don’ts on Graduation Cap Designs

Do: Let it Represent Who You Are

We’re starting with this point because it’s important that the design represents you. Your friend’s design may be great and all, but is it who YOU are? And don’t worry about following a certain trend if that trend doesn’t connect to your personality.

Thanks to our smartphones and the internet, this significant moment will be documented and remembered forever. So, you want to make sure that whatever design you decide on truly represents who you are. You don’t want to look back on such an important day and regret what you wore.

Do: Make It Meaningful

Remember that your graduation day is not only about the past few years in college, but also about the future you have ahead of you. So, when you’re deciding on the decorations or designs, make it meaningful, something worth framing and placing next to your diploma or degree.

Don’t: Do It the Night Before

Oh, ladies. This is a major no-no. You’re bound to have major jitters for your graduation. The last thing you want to do is put more pressure on yourself by designing the cap the night before! So, maybe you’re busy and have a ton of things to do before the big day? What you want to do then is to stock up on your decorations well in advance and then little by little, start designing your cap.

Don’t: Include Many Different Themes

You love your family. You love your school. You love your future career. And you love your dog. Surely, it’s okay to include all these representations of what you love on your college graduation cap?

One word – no. The best designs have one central theme. Doing too much will end up looking like you tried too much. Pick the one message you really want to convey and go for it.

Now that you’re clear on the do’s and don’ts, let’s get into some fun college graduation cap designs to give you some inspiration.

she believed she could so she did graduation cap

Source: Design Press

Whether she had all the support she needed, or she didn’t, this graduate kept it moving and in the end, it all paid off.

took care of business graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

Going back to school isn’t easy. You’ll go through a lot of hardships and making it to the other side will at times feel impossible. But you keep at it. You study. You take those long nights. You do what you have to do – You take care of business!

first in the family tree to receive a college degree graduation cap
first generation college grad | graduation cap design | grad cap – My Blog

Source: Pinterest

If you’re a first-generation college grad, this moment is not only yours. This is for your whole family, including your ancestors. You’ve made everyone proud and can wear your cap to show off this pride.

okay grads now let's get in formation graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

This one’s obviously dedicated to the Beyhive. Maybe Beyonce was her inspiration. Maybe she used to listen to her music when studying?

this queen has her crown graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

This one’s definitely one of my favorites because every Back To School Divais a queen. No matter what you’ve been through, never forget that. You should wear your cap-crown proudly.

always stay gracious best revenge is your graduation cap design

Source: Teen Vogue

This a quote from Beyonce’s “formation” song. Great quote to live by. Stay gracious. Stay a diva.

already forgot everything Dory graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

This is definitely for the ladies out there with a good sense of humor. In college, you will learn a lot of things. Not just in class, but about life in general. Let’s hope you remember it all…or at least, most of it.

oh, the places you'll go graduation cap design

Source: Texas State University

There’s a certain energy that fills the air on graduation day. That excitement has a lot to do with the fact that you’re now closer to your career aspirations. Take in this moment. Be present while also looking ahead at the wonderful future you have ahead of you.

i still have no idea what I'm doing graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

Okay, this may be a little funny, but have you ever had a moment where you feel like you just don’t know what you’re doing? Well, keep pushing until you do!

god is within her, she cannot fail graduation cap design

Source: Shutterfly

Sometimes, all the motivation you’ll need is knowing that there’s a higher power looking over you, guiding and protecting you. If you believe that a higher power helped you get this far, why not proudly display it on your cap?

i survived but i paid for it graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

We’ve all heard about the growing student loan debt. Finances are part of the reason why so many people end up either dropping out of college, or not going at all. That’s why I’m really passionate about sharing scholarship tipswith you divas.

lol bye graduation cap design

Source: Pinterest

Okay, so maybe this Diva didn’t have the best of times in college?

There a plenty more fun and exciting graduation cap designs that will help you end college with a bang. Hope that these pics gave you some inspiration.

Whatever design you decide on, make sure that it’s uniquely you. Make sure that it’s one fit for the diva you are.

woman wearing red polka dot shirt at cafe on smartphone

3 Ways You Can Use Your Devices To Maximize Productivity

woman wearing red polka dot shirt at cafe on smartphone

Your digital devices don’t have to be a place for distraction. Take advantage of these productivity tools for students.   Did you know that the average person spends ...

Read more

Your digital devices don’t have to be a place for distraction. Take advantage of these productivity tools for students.


Did you know that the average person spends four hours a day on their devices?

"Whaaaat?!" gif

How much of that time is used being productive? Technology has made our lives easy and interesting but unfortunately, while some people use these technological innovations to maximize productivity, some others just use it to get too comfortable and unproductive. Our phones, laptops, computers, and other devices can either help us to maximize our productivity or make us lazy and unproductive.


As a student, there are tools that you can have on your device to make studying, doing assignments, and projects easier for you. But as helpful as your devices are, they can also be a source of distraction for you especially when you have a lot of gaming apps and social apps installed.


Luckily, there are productivity tools for Mac and productivity tools for Windows for students that can help you get more done, faster.


How To Maximize Productivity With Your Devices

Set Schedules

The first step to being more productive is arranging schedules and setting alarms. Wake up on time, get where you need to be on time, and you’re halfway there, Diva! There are many built-in apps that can help you plan your day, week, and year. Take advantage of your Calendar, Notes, Alarms, and Reminders to keep track of appointments, assignment deadlines, and even to try calendar blocking or other productivity time hacks.

Time Management

There are so many productivity tools for Mac as well as productivity tools for Windows devices designed to help you manage your time. Banking apps make it easier for you to carry out transactions at home and make good use of the time you would have lost going to the bank. Location apps make it easier to locate where you’re going without wasting time asking people around and getting lost. You can even incorporate other time management systems like the 10-3-2-1-0 method into your phone to help you better maintain your schedule.

Performing Difficult Tasks

One major thing that our devices help us with is the performance of difficult tasks. For example, use an app to proofread documents like essays or even emails to your professors so you’re sure to sound professional. Explore apps that help with calculations, language translations, and other things that you might not be able to do on our own. Productivity tools for Mac and productivity tools for Windows can help you manage difficult tasks.

Productivity Tools For Your Devices

Productivity Tools For Students:

As a student, these are some major tools that will help you to be more productive.


Tools for Mac:

  •    Schoolhouse
  •    iRecorder
  •    Knowledge NoteBook
  •    Flashcard Hero
  •    Studyper
  •    Gigi


Tools for Windows:

  •    Word Web
  •    Typing Trainer
  •    My Study Life Chrome
  •    Rosetta Stone Free Trial


Other helpful tools:

  •    Sticky Notes
  •    Office Lens
  •    Microsoft To-Do
  •    Todoist
  •    PDFpen
  •    MindNode
  •    Grammarly


Want to REALLY get productive? Download the Back to School Divas printable planner for FREE and track your to-dos, assignments and meals like a pro.




young woman smiling while using a planner

Best Planners to Organize Work, School and Life

young woman smiling while using a planner

  Diva, when you’re a student, professional, or a stay-at-home spouse or parent, the responsibilities that you have to juggle through on a daily basis can be overwhelming. You have so much you want and need to do. Where do you start? &n...

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Diva, when you’re a student, professional, or a stay-at-home spouse or parent, the responsibilities that you have to juggle through on a daily basis can be overwhelming. You have so much you want and need to do. Where do you start?


Research shows us again and again the writing down your goals is the best way to achieve them. That’s why looking into some of the best planners that help you track your goals, objectives or achievements all in one place goes a long way.

Which Planner is the Best Option for You?


The answer to this depends upon your preference, your needs, and what you want to focus on.


At Back to School Divas, we want you to have all the tools you need for success. That’s why we designed an exclusive planner download pack! You can now have your very own functional, systematic planner without breaking the bank.


Download the official Back to School Divas planner printable for FREE! Get pages for monthly and weekly planning, goals, meal planning, grocery lists, assignment trackers and more.


With that being said, if you’re ready to invest in a way to get organized, here are some of the best planners that could help you achieve those goals in 2019.


Best Overall Professional and Student Planner: Panda Planner


Panda Planner is known as the professional, personal and student planner for everyone.


When Panda Planner’s founder, Michael Leip, struggled through multiple physical and life challenges, he identified a need to organize his life in the most optimal, simple way.


Over years of work, Leip has eliminated the clutter and only kept the most important organization tools within this planner. His strive for excellence makes Panda Planner one of the most well-rounded on the market.


Here’s what makes Panda Planner so great:


  • Undated, so you can buy it any time during the year and start with your organization.
  • Segmented in monthly, weekly and daily sections, so you can plan over a stretch of a few days or over a smaller period of a few hours.
  • Lots of space to write, brain dump and take notes.
  • Comes with bookmarks for additional organizational support.


The Panda Planner does have its shortcomings:


  • The ‘box’ segmentation in all planning pages may make organization seem monotonous.
  • The design is simple for those who want more character out of their planner.



Best Customizable Planner: Eric Condren LifePlanner


If the Panda Planner is the best overall professional, personal and student planner, then the Eric Condren LifePlanner is its equivalent in customization.


What sets the Eric Condren LifePlanner apart is the focus on delivering in aesthetics as much as it does in planning.


This planner comes in a classic coiled design with colorful pages to boot. Choose your favorite design and customize with sticker packs and more!


Here’s what makes the Eric Condren LifePlanner one of the top options for efficient student planners:


  • Weekly layouts are available in multiple options: vertical, horizontal, or even hourly.
  • In addition to undated weekly and monthly planning, this organizational tool also has separate notes pages and a dreams notes segment.
  • Colorful design includes inspiring quotes and feminine, fun color schemes,


LifePlanner shortcomings:


  • The classic coiled design could serve as either a blessing or a curse. It is easier to flip pages, but can be quite a task to handle as opposed to usual hardcover or paper bound designs.
  • Personality in colors may be overwhelming to those who like to keep their planning simple.



Best Professional Planner: Full Focus Planner


The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt is considered to be more than a planner, designed for organization and targeted at mostly “Type A” personalities who want the utmost management out of their daily schedules.


The Full Focus Planner is mostly used by professionals such as business executives, including C-Level execs such as CEOs.


This planner uses its own terminologies, making it different from other planners out there, and has gained a cult following that sets it apart from its competition.



Here’s what makes Full Focus Planner a good choice:


  • Unique planning system includes detailed guides by the creator. A great option for those who like a complete management program.
  • Apart from the system, there are daily, weekly, and monthly options, as well as a section for notes.
  • Comes with multiple bookmarks for quick referencing.


But Full Focus Planner also carries its own little list of challenges:


  • The planning system can take some time to learn, which poses a disadvantage if you are already swamped with disorganization and want to get going with planning and tracking immediately.
  • Doesn’t offer much in terms of aesthetics. and appears a bit bulky.



Best Dated 2019 Planner: Passion Planner


Available in dated, undated and academic versions, Passion Planner can be the planner for those who want to juggle between a few responsibilities at once.


Passion Planner offers monthly and weekly layouts while also providing a roadmap along with to-do lists. You can plan future appointments, write the list of groceries that you want to pick up the next weekend, or track anything else you like.



What makes Passion Planner a great all-rounder:


  • Since it’s available in undated as well as dated formats, it can be used by those who want printed dates on their planners. The dates are also available in academic formats, perfect for students and teachers.
  • Available in multiple sizes so you can choose one that you’re comfortable carrying around.
  • Challenges section makes it easy to set and track goals.
  • Stay motivated with roadmaps, to-do list sections, quotes and monthly reflection segments.


But as with all the other best planners on this list, Passion Planner does have its shortcomings.


  • If you get the dated version, your planner has an expiration date on it.
  • Little space to take notes or jot down to-dos, especially in the weekly layouts.


If you’re interested in a totally customizable planning system, check out our post on the totally Pinterest-worthy bullet journal system.


Remember, you can launch your 2019 strategy for FREE right now when you download the official Back to School Divas planner printable!


How are you keeping track of your goals this year?