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Gift Guide for Moms Going Back to School

Searching for the perfect gift for mom going back to school? We put together a few of our favorite options into our first-ever gift guide for moms going back to school to resume pursuing their academic dreams.   While the list may not incl...

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Searching for the perfect gift for mom going back to school? We put together a few of our favorite options into our first-ever gift guide for moms going back to school to resume pursuing their academic dreams.


While the list may not include a whole village or breakfast with giraffes (looking at you Goop), it does have a selection of gifts for moms going back to school.


Let’s dive right into the gift guide!


Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office All-in-One Inkjet Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine


Reliable, multipurpose and affordable. These three traits best define the Canon PIXMA MX490. This affordable, multipurpose printer combo is the perfect addition to this gift guide for busy moms going back to school.


Whether they have to print out quick assignments for themselves or their kids, or if their goal is to print out grocery lists, budget sheets, and electronic receipts, this powerhouse of a printer would be able to serve those needs.


The best part is that it doesn’t break the bank at $55. Practical and effective, it is easily one of the best gifts for moms who’d appreciate functionality and ease of use. Do them a favor and save them a lot of trips to the local store or the library for pricey prints!


YOREPEK Water Resistant Backpack with USB Charging Port


Moms transitioning back to student life need a few back-to-school staples to start their schooling in the right way.


A backpack is one of those staples.


Having a large backpack goes a long way to hold notebooks, laptops, and a few snacks andstaples for their kids while they juggle their own school and kids needs every day.


This YORPEK Water Resistant Backpacknot only fulfills those requirements but also comes with an additional set of handy features: a water-resistant design helps moms steer clear of unwanted spills, and a USB charging port ensures their devices do not run out of juice during their hectic day.


With a variety of both bright and muted colors to choose from, the bag is originally available at $50.99.


Robrasim Leather Journal/Refillable Travelers Notebook


With an old-school notebook, moms can focus on the task of writing and studying. Some research even suggests that writing things down in an analog style promotes better retention (perfect for long study sessions before a test!)


The Refillable Traveler’s Notebook by Robrasimdoes not only serve that purpose but does so beautifully while being clad in a luxurious, handmade leather finish.  It comes with the feature of being refillable, so if it runs out of paper, it can be replaced very easily without having to do away with the whole journal.


The journal fits inside most bags easily, which also makes it easy to carry. At $18.95, it is nothing short of a bargain.


Beats PowerBeats 3 Wireless Headphones – Neighborhood Collection


There are only a few things out there that could help motivate people during work or study as much as music. This benefit is especially crucial for moms who have to focus on doing their work as fast as possible during the limited time they have.


A nice pair of headphones can bring the beauty of music to a busy mom. The Beats PowerBeats 3 Wireless Headphonesare the perfect gift choice for just that purpose.


Available in a variety of colors, these wireless headphones are a sturdy build and provide amazing sound quality. What makes them one of the great gifts for moms are their ability to be charged for only 5 minutes for one hour of playback. When fully charged, they can run for up to 12 hours.


As if these qualities were not enough, the headphones are also sweat and water resistant, so moms can count on them to be as tough as them. At a discounted price of $99.99, these headphones are perfect for those who appreciate their music.


Zimtown Nature Bamboo Folding Lapdesk


The Zimtown Nature Bamboo Folding Lapdeskturns any bed or chair into a productive yet comfortable desk setup. It’s the perfect present for a mom who also has to study every day.


With an adjustable elevated platform for the laptop and a side space to keep their phone, this lap desk makes for a fantastic stand that could help a mom work right from their safe space.


At $24.98, it is available for practically nothing as compared to what it brings to the table (pun intended).


Find Even More Ideas About Gifts for Moms


With all of these presents in the gift guide, you can make life easier for many moms out there who value comfort and productivity throughout their day.


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